twentieth-century novelists

Characterization By Twentieth-Century Novelists With Comparison To Nineteenth Century

Characters in nineteenth-century novels depict the presence of flat characterization. It indicates that authors in this era didn’t feel enough urge to portray realistic characters. However, a paradigm shift is visible in the portrayal by twentieth-century novelists.   The nineteenth-century novels show that novelists usually didn’t prefer to portray unimportant modifications. In short, characters in […]

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Novel As Dominant Literary Form In Twentieth-Century English

English in Twentieth-century embraced novel as the dominating literary form. With this acceptance and inclusion, the said literary genre started emerging as the most popular narrative feature in modern English literature. An overview of the past literary eras reveals that the Restoration period accepted the charm of comedy. On the other hand, the Victorian age […]

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Words Illuminating Together Makes Writing An Art

The definition of writing or, more clearly, good writing may unlock several parameters. For some, grammar is the key, while others go for good content. However, writing remains unappealing until all words illuminate together to unfold a soothing sensation in the conscious human mind. In the age of extensive internet use, people feel less interested […]

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Good Satire

Good Satire Survives With A Bitter Touch

Defining good satire is not an easy task. It appears mostly from personal grievances and sometimes from an urge for reform. And the primary outcome that emerges from cooking and serving this literary recipe is laughter. However, an undercurrent of bitterness certainly engulfs the affected side. And in reality, this bitter sense makes the survival […]

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Poetry Means Appealing To Aesthetic Emotion

Humans are emotional creatures. That means every human being possesses emotions and gets moved by them once and again. And poetry is that effective medium that shapes these emotions in the freest, uninterrupted, unimpeded way. Poetry opens out an entirely different universe of soulful feelings. And humans feel completely enthralled and transported to that aesthetic, […]

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Dublin life

Dublin Life As Concisely Portrayed By James Joyce In His Short Story Araby

Passionate readers of short stories consider James Joyce’s Araby a pure autobiographical sketch. And, in reality, it remains so. The tale indeed reveals the Dublin life during the author’s boyhood days. It represents the capital of the Republic of Ireland in a concise but meaningful realistic detail. Yes, an apt and precise realism in brief […]

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Chaucerian Tradition

The Initiation And Blooming Of Chaucerian Tradition

Geoffrey Chaucer began his journey as an author at the ending phase of the Middle English era. Literary experts identify this period as the transition between the event–filled Old English and the noteworthy New English. And this is also the reason why they accredit the English poet as the initiator of modern English literature. In […]

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realistic artist

Geoffrey Chaucer: An Exceptionally Unique Realistic Artist

Most people identify Geoffrey Chaucer as one of the greatest pioneers of English poetry. And one of his most outstanding achievements lies in being an unparalleled painter of realism. Yes, readers and critics both unhesitatingly recognize him as a matchless realistic artist whose creativity is acutely evident in his art. Chaucer’s realism is indeed extraordinary. […]

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Chaucer's expertise

Chaucer’s Expertise In Descriptive Aptness And Narrative Mastery

The unmatchable brilliance of English author Geoffrey Chaucer as a poet can’t get restrained to a particular accreditation. His command in several literary traits makes him an unparalleled English poet even in the current century. Narrative excellence and descriptive prowess are among the most discussed literary characteristics exhibit Chaucer’s expertise.  Any discussion about Geoffrey Chaucer […]

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