Charles Dickens' Famous Works

Some All-Time Appealing Charles Dickens’ Famous Works

Studying Charles Dickens’ famous works is like living in the Victorian Era. And this appealing trait in Dickens’ creations reveals why the eminent author still holds the top spot as the most popular English novelist.  It is an undeniable reality that not many authors have the potential to survive in the contemporary era through writing. […]

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Charles Dickens Early Life

What Social Picture Did Charles Dickens Early Life Gather And Later Depicted In Writings?

Charles Dickens is a familiar name for readers passionate about reading English novels. The eminent writer is the most popular and perhaps the best English novelist. However, the journey of achieving the top spot witnessed enormous social complexities, especially during Charles Dickens early life. And the author portrayed those experiences later in his writings. The […]

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George Bernard Shaw Quotes

That George Bernard Shaw Quotes Which Nobody Can Ignore

It is nearly impossible to find an author like George Bernard Shaw. On the one hand, his unmatchable excellence in playwriting, even today, attracts modern readers. On the other hand, his role as a critic unfolds his pioneering personality. In reality, the magic of this eminent Irish writer as a minute observer of human life […]

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Charles Dickens Quotes

Five Charles Dickens Quotes Profoundly Pertinent To Human Life

Most people know Charles Dickens as an eminent English novelist. All his works are timeless. And the reason behind this perpetuity is his true-to-life words, sometimes written and sometimes uttered, during his lifetime. Yes, many Charles Dickens quotes have a deep association with real life. Listing all meaningful quotes with profound analysis in single writing […]

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Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield

Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield Is A Timeless Autobiographical Approach

Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield is a timeless novel. It is a masterpiece portraying a valuable autobiographical approach. The famous or perhaps the most eminent English novelist Charles Dickens possessed an unrivaled literary mastery. Nearly all his creations, even today, get recognized as a vast sources depicting the real picture of the English society of his […]

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Literature Books To Read

Two Most Valued Literature Books To Read For Learning And Pleasure

According to literary experts, literature is the best artistic expression of thoughts. However, how many readers want literature books to read for learning and obtaining delight is a million-dollar question. Yes, most readers don’t keep a fixed mindset of exploring literary aspects while reading a book. Their prime aim behind studying an author’s creation is […]

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Somerset Maugham, The Lotus Eater

The Portrayal Way Of The Lotus Eater Shows As If It Appears Somerset Maugham, The Lotus Eater

The Lotus Eater is a famous creation of Somerset Maugham. It looks more like good narrative prose concisely suggesting some human life-related affairs. The accurate precision in representing the storyline establishes the author’s deep association with the story’s content. As a result, it appears as if Somerset Maugham, the lotus eater, is the baton bearer […]

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English Vocabulary

Enriching English Vocabulary Helps To Learn More About English Literature

Enriching English vocabulary means, for sure, acquiring sound knowledge about the English language. Some people even believe that having a solid vocabulary can help them to become smart. However, a hidden truth is it helps to learn more about English literature. Yes, enhancing the volume of meaningful words and phrases ensures a solid language foundation. […]

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Modern Poetry Examples

The Three English Modernist Poets And Their Modern Poetry Examples

Marking the exact borderline of modern or contemporary English poetry is almost impossible. Even literary experts can’t define and bind this specific literary work with any particular trait. Hence, it appears challenging to set a list of modern poetry examples as the number of English modernist poets is vast, almost unending. The term modern poetry […]

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Literature Review Methodology

Effectual Means To Compose The Literature Review Methodology

What is literature – this is perhaps the most common question people ask while discussing literature. On the contrary, very few people will be ready to talk about its review or the review techniques. Yes, literature review methodology is not a usual topic people generally consider for debate. However, to get a fair insight evaluation […]

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