A great writer

A Great Writer Is An Inventor With Powerful Personality

It is impossible to appraise a book without acknowledging its writer. And like many other creations, every book is also a valuable innovation on earth. It takes back a reader to the man behind the conception, hatching, and shaping. Yes, the creator or the inventor whose powerful personality encourages him to produce precious content in […]

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Dickens and criticism

Dickens And Criticism As Portrayed In The Mirror Of Modern Critics

From the beginning of the literary era, no author escaped criticism. To date, every pioneering writer, be it a poet, a novelist, or a playwright, had to face evaluation for their works. Famous Victorian novelist Charles Dickens also met some crucial assessments from the critics in his lifetime for his creations. And the process of […]

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William Wordsworth

The Way William Wordsworth Became Acquainted With the French Revolution

Discussing a poet’s acquaintance with a revolution is a rare case, especially when the poet is William Wordsworth. People all over the world know Wordsworth as a pioneering English Romantic poet. But the timeline of his appearance as a writer made him a part of the French Revolution era. The era of the French Revolution […]

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Dickens's novels

Are Dickens’s Novels A Representation Or Depiction Of The Society?

How should one define Dickens’s novels? Do his novels act like representing the society of his time? Or, they merely depict human society as it appeared during his days. It is hard for a reader to designate Charles Dickens’s works with a specific way of expression. Searching on the internet must show many eminent literary […]

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Linguistic Cosmopolitan

Is The Term ‘Linguistic Cosmopolitan’ Applicable To English?

An expert can define the term ‘linguistic cosmopolitan’ accurately. But from a commoner’s point of view, it means the acceptance and inclusion of various elements, mainly vocabulary, from different languages in a specific language. Now, the million-dollar question is whether the term suits the English language. The development history of English as a classic language […]

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Charles Dickens. The Victorian Age Society Portrayer

Charles Dickens Is The Victorian Age Society Portrayer

The Victorian Age unfolds the coexistence of two characters. On the one hand, it bears the symbol of progress, prosperity, and peace. And, on the other hand, it identifies the baffling complexity of various social forces. Importantly, eminent novelist Charles Dickens’ novels depict both the features of society. In reality, he is the Victorian Age […]

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Chaucer, The Satirist And Humorous Ironist

Chaucer, The Satirist As Well As The Humorous Ironist

No one can question the artistic excellence in Chaucer’s writings. His poetry unlocks his acceptance as a matchless satirist and humorous ironist. Geoffrey Chaucer’s dramatic approach to literary art reveals his satiric technique. Even works of his contemporaries like William Langland and John Gower display enough satiric elements. But most of them get expressed mainly […]

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The expansion of the English language

Future And Expansion Of The English Language

The expansion of the English language is unquestionably vast and irresistible. The most prominent reason is the constant assimilation and harmonising of different language words. Almost every individual in the world can sense this undaunted feature of the most acceptable living language on earth. The rare quality of respecting, including, and borrowing vital resources from […]

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Growth of the English language

Why The Growth Of The English Language Is Overwhelming And Irresistible

The growth of the English language is the most captivating as well as overwhelming. But the question is why? To begin with, English is the most flexible and dynamic language. It is continuously living and growing from day one of its formations. According to most humans, this leading medium of conversation and writing is not […]

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