John Galsworthy as an author

John Galsworthy As An Author And Contributor To Extraordinary Writing

Readers worldwide accept John Galsworthy as an author with exceptionally unique traits that contributed hugely to enriching modern writing. His best creations deal with some explicit problems in his extraordinarily crafted plays. John Galsworthy‘s plays uncover various issues dominating society. His dramas unlock and address concerns like labor disputes, solitary confinement, law and administration, and […]

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Social Propaganda

Why Many Critics Consider Galsworthy’s Justice A Social Propaganda

As a playwright, John Galsworthy’s matchless contribution in the arena of literature and drama is unquestionable. But like other eminent authors, he too has been facing criticism for his works. And considering his social play Justice as social propaganda by the critics is one such hugely discussed criticism. There is no denying that a dramatist […]

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artistic limitations

John Galsworthy And His Artistic Limitations

The emergence of the eventful twentieth century witnessed John Galsworthy’s incomparable artistic reputation as a playwright. His unparalleled artistry in drawing social tragedies still possesses high-end historical value. But, with the advancement of time, discussions about his artistic limitations acquired a solid shape. It is undeniable that John Galsworthy’s plays deal with some particular burning […]

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Conventional tragic hero

Does Galsworthy’s Justice Contain Any Conventional Tragic Hero?

The identity of John Galsworthy as a playwright unfolds a different perspective of thinking. A ‘perspective’ that does not always follow the traditional sequence. And this raises a question about whether Galsworthy’s play Justice has any conventional tragic hero. In modern-day social circumstances, a conventional individual hero or villain is rare. Currently, various social forces […]

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Earthly justice

How Galsworthy Finally Satires Earthly Justice Through The Play Justice?

Every part of human civilization has to depend on earthly justice. The judgment may sometimes appear appreciable or not appreciable. But, there is no way humans can deny it. John Galsworthy’s famous play Justice also deals with that judgment, legal as well as social. The play unravels the horrific impacts of the strict enforcement of […]

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Galsworthy's Justice appeals for mercy

Galsworthy’s Justice Appeals For Mercy: A Truth Or A Mere Notion!

Galsworthy’s Justice draws human attention to some specific social anomalies. The whole story presents a social structure during the time of John Galsworthy. Bitter issues related to so-called legal justice, prison administration, and the maddening impact of prison life are vital points of the plot. Some say the play shows the courage to stand for […]

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John Galsworthy quality

Can Galsworthy’s Dramatic Genius Be Named As John Galsworthy Quality?

No one questions the dramatic sense of John Galsworthy. As a born playwright, he has succeeded in establishing a sense of realism through his plays. And, this dramatic genius can be called John Galsworthy quality. Plays like Strife and Justice show how the playwright has successfully drawn attractive plots in his plays with a complete […]

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John Galsworthy's neutrality

John Galsworthy’s Neutrality Has Some Faint Mist Of Partiality

Not many playwrights possess an outlook of one wise spectator while penning their stories. Honestly, most dramatists act as a propagandist in depicting the plot of their wordy creations. However, John Galsworthy’s neutrality in portraying prevalent social problems opens up his impartial outlook bathed in a faint mist of partiality to some extent. Galsworthy’s social […]

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John Galsworthy

John Galsworthy, The Playwright Who Discovers Unheroic Heroes

As a playwright, John Galsworthy never follows the tradition of exploring ‘larger than life’ heroes. He is among those few playwrights who invents a dramatic sense of realism in his plays. His naturalism in depicting the moral earnestness of human life establishes him as a born playwright. Galsworthy’s famous plays like Strife, Loyalties, and Justice […]

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