Shaw's Arms and the Man

Shaw’s Arms and the Man First Created My Concept Of Romance

Romance is one of the prime potent factors in human life. As a reader, I first explored this fact in me after culminating the words in Shaw’s Arms and the Man. The advent of youth unlocked new curiosities regarding human relationships in my mind. However, gathering proper answers to address the query took a lot […]

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George Bernard Shaw Quotes

That George Bernard Shaw Quotes Which Nobody Can Ignore

It is nearly impossible to find an author like George Bernard Shaw. On the one hand, his unmatchable excellence in playwriting, even today, attracts modern readers. On the other hand, his role as a critic unfolds his pioneering personality. In reality, the magic of this eminent Irish writer as a minute observer of human life […]

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George Bernard Shaw’s novelty

George Bernard Shaw’s Novelty Is Something Extraordinary

Measuring the richness of George Bernard Shaw as an author or as a playwright is not a child’s play. As a writer, his originality is unique and unparalleled. The works of the Irish playwright show that he is original in many ways. In short, George Bernard Shaw’s novelty is rare and something extraordinary. Shaw can’t […]

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Shaw has some strangeness

Shaw Has Some Strangeness In His Dramatic Technique

It is hard to define George Bernard Shaw’s expertise in a single sentence or lucid language. His dramatic skill unveils some not-so-familiar marks. In short, while analyzing his comparatively new and modern dramatic technique, both readers and critics find Shaw has some strangeness. The famous Irish playwright rejuvenates the sleepy, inactive classical technique of playwriting. […]

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George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw, A Prolific Writer With Difference

Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw is famous for his innovative writing skill. As a prolific author, his creations manifest his skillful personality but with a difference. Shaw is one of those few authors whose influence touched various social arenas apart from writing. He always remained one step ahead compared to his contemporaries on various platforms. […]

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