Charles Dickens's Mastery

Three Chief Characteristics Of Charles Dickens’s Mastery As A Writer And A Social Critic

Describing the three most remarkable features of Charles Dickens’s mastery needs some special attention to his writings. An extensive and minute study of the Victorian Age novelist’s works can help understand only a small part of his command as an author. Even as a social critic, he excels at all boundaries of proficiency and reputation. […]

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Dickens and criticism

Dickens And Criticism As Portrayed In The Mirror Of Modern Critics

From the beginning of the literary era, no author escaped criticism. To date, every pioneering writer, be it a poet, a novelist, or a playwright, had to face evaluation for their works. Famous Victorian novelist Charles Dickens also met some crucial assessments from the critics in his lifetime for his creations. And the process of […]

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Dickens's novels

Are Dickens’s Novels A Representation Or Depiction Of The Society?

How should one define Dickens’s novels? Do his novels act like representing the society of his time? Or, they merely depict human society as it appeared during his days. It is hard for a reader to designate Charles Dickens’s works with a specific way of expression. Searching on the internet must show many eminent literary […]

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Charles Dickens. The Victorian Age Society Portrayer

Charles Dickens Is The Victorian Age Society Portrayer

The Victorian Age unfolds the coexistence of two characters. On the one hand, it bears the symbol of progress, prosperity, and peace. And, on the other hand, it identifies the baffling complexity of various social forces. Importantly, eminent novelist Charles Dickens’ novels depict both the features of society. In reality, he is the Victorian Age […]

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