happiness is a pretence

Does The Manifestation Of Happiness Is A Pretence When Pain Is Lurking Inside?

Great philosophers always opine that dichotomy is the essence of timeless creation. But can this be true in human life? Can human life bear pain with a face of happiness? Or it is a mere pretence! Yes, it is indeed a crucial question – does the manifestation of happiness is a pretence when the suffering is severe […]

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You Can’t Cherish Complete Happiness By Escaping All Negativity

You would probably have the common thinking that true happiness means deleting every mark of negativity. Well, like you, every human on earth feels the same way. They think it is necessary to get rid of all kinds of negativity like regret, sadness, displeasure, resentment, or jealousy to be happy. But what if you realize […]

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Morals Of True Happiness Lessons

Let Start Realizing The Morals Of True Happiness Lessons

What are the morals of true happiness lessons? It is indeed a crucial question. Because humans are more prone to ask for happiness. They do not tend to realize the morals behind the lessons related to that contentment. From the beginning of civilization, the entire human society had only learned to crave and search for […]

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Living Alone Happily At Home During Lockdown

Is Living Alone Happily At Home Possible During Lockdown?

For many people, loneliness is the biggest enemy, especially during the lockdown. It is hard for them to remain happy, embracing the solitary situation at home. For them, living alone happily at home is almost impossible. It is beyond doubt that even a robust positive-minded person can’t feel thrilled in a state of seclusion. And, disappointment must […]

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COVID-19 pandemic and less money

COVID-19 Pandemic and Less Money; But Staying Happier Is Still Possible

COVID-19 is no more a mere crisis only; it is now a pandemic. No one knows how long the human civilization has to bear this brutal patch as millions have already died. A vast number of people all over the world are living in dire distress. Many of them even can’t make ends meet adequately. […]

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