Feelings Need Utmost Care, Because All Wounds Are Not Visible

Feelings are precious to every individual. They show the mental health of a person. Yes, they are the best indicators of both happiness and mental pain. In a word, they are of great importance. But the crucial question is how many people take care of them. Everyone knows physical injuries are always visible. But most […]

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The Unsuccessful Attempts

Don’t Label The Unsuccessful Attempts As Failure; Rather Tag It A Learning Process

Every successful innovation story has to pass through many unsuccessful attempts. What it means is reaching the door of remarkable success needs intense learning. And this learning process consists of several failed as well as successful efforts. Now, some people may mark the ineffectual approaches as ‘failure.’ But, you should know that you have successfully […]

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Listen to others

Keep Patience To Listen To Others And Avoid Misunderstanding

We have sufficient time to advise other people. But we have less time to pay attention to what they say. And it causes losing essential information. The outcome is misunderstanding and misery. That means we should listen to others patiently to avoid misreading or misinterpretation.  Almost all of us are prone to talk more. Every day we rise […]

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Does Feedback Mean Criticism Only Or A Tool Helping Attain Objective?

Every day hundreds of different opinions throng the internet regarding the need for feedback. One vital question is the actual source behind raising all these views. The question is whether feedback unlocks criticism only. Or it only aims to help in self-analysis. Every individual is running for something. And there always remains a goal of […]

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Choose Today To Start Shaping Your Goal

Don’t Make Your Waiting Unending; Choose Today To Start Shaping Your Goal

You must have the vision to attain your desired goal one day. Also, you must be waiting to start shaping your future with that vision someday. But have you ever pondered whether or not you are making the waiting unending? Make sure that you must not end up waiting forever. Or you better choose today to commence your future […]

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Focus Can Be Valuable Only When You Try To Make It

A thousand things arrive every day to grab your focus. However, not everything has the merit to deserve your attention. So many things happen daily. Some occur in front of you. And the rest gets discovered by you. Yes, in today’s tech-savvy world, nothing can remain hidden. People always have chances to become familiar with […]

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Feeling happy in someone’s pain

Feeling Happy In Someone’s Pain Is No Good At All

Feeling happy in someone’s pain is not acceptable. Yes, it is unacceptable but only for others, and if the happy person is you, then? It is indeed a crucial question. Thousands of examples show how people become happy by seeing others in acute problematic situations. They even sometimes feel joy after seeing their close ones […]

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Happiness in poor countries

Why Is Happiness In Poor Countries More prominent?

Searching for contentment or happiness is an everyday activity of every individual. However, how many of us on this earth get lucky to achieve that pleasure is a million-dollar question. Some say people of rich states possess that delight. But various reviews in different times opine differently. According to these analyses, wealth and money can’t […]

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a great critic

The Contrast Between A Great Critic And A Common Man

You can like or dislike the role of the critics. But you can neither ignore them nor their contribution. Most people, including the common man, believe that those who only choose to criticize can’t do anything good to society. However, the undeniable truth is every individual somehow has to depend on critics to form their […]

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