A genuine purpose to survive

A Genuine Purpose To Survive Can Overcome Even The Unbearable Sufferings

Survival is destiny only for the fittest. And who is the fittest? The one who can find a genuine purpose to survive. Yes, a person who has the answer to ‘why’ can live even after facing indescribable odds in life. Everyone on this earth struggles for existence. But, those humans can succeed who can make […]

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positivity in human life

William Wordsworth Draws Positivity In Human Life Through The Line “There’s Joy In The Mountains;”

William Wordsworth is a nature-loving poet. But the inner meaning of most of his poems exceeds nature’s boundaries and draws positivity in human life. Yes, nearly all his works stand as evergreen nature-centric. However, some of them define human lives with a profound meaning. “Written in March” is one such poem. And the line, “There’s […]

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Live forever in memory

One Day The Sun Will Rise Without You But You Will Live Forever In Memory

How many of us can see our future? None. However, we know that everyone on this earth has to say goodbye to this mortal world one day. Yes, this universal truth always remains hidden in the human concept. It is undeniable that each living being will cease one day. However, they will live forever in […]

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Don’t Surrender To Challenges

Don’t Surrender To Challenges, Learn To Address Them

Challenges are inevitable in life. They come and go. Sometimes they appear only with low or high intensity. But they are, in reality, unstoppable. However, that doesn’t mean you have no choice but to concede defeat. No, don’t surrender to challenges. Learn to address them. Yes, if you can’t stop them, you can find out ways […]

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perfection is not a one-time goal

Perfection Is Not A One-Time Goal; It Is A Continuous Process of Improvement

Perfection is one of the most difficult terms to define in human life. Because no fixed parameter can measure and identify the last word of being perfect. It is an ongoing process of improvement. That means perfection is not a one-time goal. In reality, some people consider excellence as perfection. However, there is a thin line […]

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