Replacing An Established Post-graduation Career

Replacing An Established Post-graduation Career With New Study For Better Opportunity Needs Robust Mental Preparation

A good job just after graduation is a dream of every young mind. Very few could achieve that point of success. But replacing an established post-graduation career with a new study for a better purpose is almost unimaginable. However, some people choose to do that. Although departing from a financially sound career is not easy. […]

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school exam study

How School Exam Study Can Get Moulded Into The Never Give Up Shape

A study provides knowledge. And knowledge offers wisdom. However, sometimes the consistency of acquiring knowledge emerges unbearable, especially during school exam study. That is right. Uninterrupted pressure on student mind at times become tedious. Some school kids even feel it annoying. They think that they have had enough of studying. For them, the study appears […]

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Let The Mind Meet The Goal

Let The Mind Meet The Goal First Before Externally Visible Achievement

Any visible achievement brings delight. And when the attainment is the outcome of the rigorous initiative, the aftermath appears utterly satisfying. But, the winning story should start mentally first before physical accomplishment. Yes, let the mind meet the goal first before any visible reaching. Every objective approach needs mental preparation first. It requires an inner […]

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Don’t Prison The Open-mindedness With A Rigid Mentality

Open-mindedness is a gateway to enter into the world of positive thinking. It increases the willingness to appraise and accept good ideas. However, sometimes this entrance to positivity gets imprisoned with a rigid mentality. Only an optimistic view mingled with meaningful ways can help avert this problem.   Mental rigidity usually signifies a stubbornness that engulfs […]

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Let Writing Choose Wisdom First Instead Of Searching Readers

I have written a book. Read it. Spend time on my words. Because I deserve your attention. Yes, a writer wants to stress self-importance. But how that author is supposed to get someone to listen without a meaningful ethos. That is right. The essence of writing remains in exploring wisdom first instead of searching for […]

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Curiosity And Creativity

Curiosity And Creativity, The Foundation Pillars To Mold Thoughts Into Artistic Concepts

The birth of artistic concepts needs two essential traits, curiosity and creativity. History reveals that these two characteristics play a pivotal role in evolving the power of artistry in a man. Even these two qualities help one to emerge as a good learner. In the real world, most people have a common illusion that creativity […]

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Childhood memory lane

Childhood Memory Lane Always Remains As A Promising Part Of The Life Story

Childhood memory lane is an integral part of an individual’s life story. It contains stories that remain as much real even in adulthood. Childhood days are the introductory parts of shaping a man’s thinking. It remains as the beginning period when that person as a kid gets shaped by the stories that his parents tell […]

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Appealing Writing

Penning An Appealing Writing Successfully Looks Like Reaping Sweet Fruit After Rigorous Cultivation

For most people speaking is a much easier task compared to writing. And when it is about penning appealing writing, the entire exercise appears challenging. Because finding the right words to make a note captivating is like undertaking a job of painting a paper with Keats’ poems or Shaw’s plays. In actual fact, an individual […]

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Just Getting Started

Never Count Your Spent Days, Make Your Wait Feel Just Getting Started

People usually say the wait is over after accomplishing something, and fatigue engulfs the enthusiasm and hinders from attaining the next goal. Moreover, the lethargy turns into exhaustion when tiredness calculates how much time has, so far, been spent waiting and achieving. To prevent this mode of inactivity and inaction, don’t allow your rest break […]

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