Can Wealth Make A Human Happy?

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Wealth and Happiness

What is the most desired thing in life – wealth or happiness? In a constantly changing world, staying happy is perhaps the most coveted thing, however not without mundane prosperity. That means humans need both contentment and fortune. And here lies the million-dollar question can wealth make a person happy?

In the real world, everyone is struggling to attain happiness. And several factors play as effective catalysts to procure that joy. Friends, families, achievement, success, favorite books, foods, good memories – so many things help obtain a happy and satisfying life.

However, sometimes people find themselves in an insoluble dilemma when there is an urgency to choose between fortune and contentment. And when the possession of mundane wealth starts getting priority in the shape of madness, mental peace prefers to say goodbye. In most cases, so far, true happiness starts collapsing when passion for mundane prosperity emerges as an essential part of shaping a meaningful destiny.

Now, there is a different opinion also. Some people think that possession of funds, assets, luxury will surely bring them a happy life. They believe that it is necessary to feed the hunger of desire first to have mental satisfaction. And fortune or prosperity can only feed that hunger to attain the said gratification, which, in turn, brings a fulfilling life with happiness. But again, there is a big question of whether, in reality, it happens. Or whether owning mundane well-being truly offers a divine delight in mind and heart. Most people answer – it won’t.

In truth, increasing focal points on materialistic values lead to a reduction in true mental pleasure. For instance, chasing for wealth blindly sometimes ruins several important causes of happiness, like relationships. Families and true friends are the two strong pillars behind having a feeling of contentment. Both family members and faithful companions emerge as help in crucial moments. They appear as genuine aid in every challenging situation.

On the other hand, procuring enough wealth can fulfill the materialistic demand. But it can’t create friends. Earthly prosperity can’t be a genuine companion who will stand to walk hand in hand in time of emergency.  Also, friendship can’t depend on acquisitive values.

Moreover, a close look at the most affluent men’s lives clarifies that they are among the loneliest humans on earth. They have lots of wealth. They belong to a so-called high status in society. But their indomitable urge to possess more treasure makes them greedy and, at the same time, increases their responsibility. They tend to maintain a class in choosing their rightful companion. But, they fail to have a true one easily. And, not getting genuine friends creates restlessness in them. As a result, they can’t be happy. The reality is fleshly prosperity can buy loyalty temporarily but unable to develop a sense of satisfaction.

Eminent American financier and philanthropist John Jacob Astor III once opined – “money brings me nothing but a certain dull anxiety.” That means even if a person has enough funds to enjoy, he can’t be happy unless he finds the reasons behind contentment like true friends. 

It is, for sure, undeniable that wealth is a significant factor, especially in a world of the capitalist system. Here living is impossible without earning money or having funds or capital. The reason is it provides basic needs like food, cloth, and shelter. In addition, a comparatively better life with education and health needs higher monetary earnings. But the value of worldly possessions ends when the demand is over. When sufficient monetary fund is available to address the needs, the importance of wealth drops, and only one thing remains to get fulfilled, i.e., happiness.

There are so many countries in this world where many people live with high-income capacity. Even for the last few decades, the inhabitants of these states have successfully expanded their standard of living with increased capital. However, this growth failed to raise their desired happiness. Because after a certain point, prosperity, luxury, or earthly well-being become a part of anxiety, not joy. Yes, without possessing sufficient funds, a person can’t be happy, but that doesn’t mean happiness is achievable through wealth.

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