love and happiness

Can love and happiness always go hand in hand?

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love and happiness
love and happiness

Most people usually possess a common concept that love and happiness always breathe together. For them, love means nothing but happiness. However, it is hard for them to provide any specific theory behind this concept. The absence of any concrete clue raises the question that can love and happiness always appear conjointly?

There is no specific definition of happiness. For a human being, happiness is a state of pleasure. It is undoubtedly an indispensable necessity in life. On the other hand, love defines the co-existence of emotions and behaviors, including affection, closeness, intimacy, attraction, and, most importantly, commitment and trust.

Now, the million-dollar question is, can affection or intimacy always go hand in hand with the state of pleasure? The truth is happiness or “the state of being happy” is changeable. Yes, nobody can consider it as the permanent state in human life. There could be a thousand reasons for a million people to cherish happiness. And the truth is the purpose behind happiness varying at times.

No one can deny that every human on earth is yearning for love and happiness together. However, it is hard for an individual to say that the cause responsible for joy or pleasure can be accountable for love too. Nonetheless, being in a relationship can explore the feeling of love and happiness conjointly. For example, a person in a relationship with his dear ones must be in a state of pleasure and at the same time cherish the opportunity of feeling the love.

A couple with genuine commitment and affection will be happier compared to many others. For some people accomplishing a career goal can be a significant cause of real happiness. And achieving the said goal with the emotional help of a trustworthy person can cause love simultaneously.

No analysis is necessary to say that every human craves to feel happiness every day. It is incredible to realize that humans on earth crave happiness so often, even after facing several hardships in their lives. In a true sense, happiness sometimes appears not as a feeling only; it becomes a part of the everyday decision. And, most notably, a decision can’t always bring love.

 A good example can define this fact. Every individual possesses different choices in various matters. The difference of choice is, often, visible regarding favorite food or favorite songs. When that individual hears his or her favorite songs, then a straightforward question is how much enjoyment and love comes from hearing those songs. Hearing favorite pieces is a planned decision to become happy through enjoyment or rather an entertainment. That means there is no sure outcome of feeling the love. And, favorite means emphasizing someone’s strongest preference for a specific thing.

Now, the above discussion opens up a perspective regarding love and happiness. However, there is a different perspective too.

Love is a trendy word always lurking in every man’s vocabulary. There is no denying that love means a set of emotions characterizing with behaviors like affection, closeness, intimacy, attraction, and most importantly, commitment and trust. Surprisingly, love is a ubiquitous word that, on the one hand, brings answers and raises questions simultaneously. Most people face a common question at one time in their lives. That is, “Do I love?”

A man or woman can begin to ask himself or herself this question as many times as possible a day to get the answer. They can ask themselves whether they can love each thing or each moment they choose every day. Yes, each item may include favorite foods, favorite wearing, dress, shoes, jewelry, favorite books, favorite songs, and many other things. There will be, for sure, no universal answer. It means some say yes, I love them, and some others opine that they like them.

Let’s go for another different example. Let’s consider friendship as a booster of love and happiness. Wait, does that mean the friendship is a mandatory relationship with the power of bringing love and happiness together? Probably not. A friendship can explore love and happiness simultaneously only when it is the culmination of a relationship that builds a bond of intimacy, affection, commitment with a state of pleasure. That means a relationship within the control of obligatory feelings of genuine affection and mental pleasure can only apply the theory – love means happiness. 

One should understand that neither love nor happiness can be calculated aftermath of emotions and feelings. Love and happiness are two innate tendencies that grow in humans. Moreover, no individual and no circumstance can snatch away the luxury of some instinctive co-existence of happiness of love. Also, no specific platform or framework can result in bringing love and happiness together. Let the feeling of love make its way into pleasure or happiness with a touch of intrinsic intensity.

It is undeniable that love makes humans smile. It helps people to rejoice even in less important moments. Love teaches to share emotions and feelings with dear ones.

Accomplishing a unique but straightforward thing and sharing it with a special one always uncovers the power to feel and make happy and cherish the closeness with trust. Love mingled with happiness unveils a true feeling of real accomplishment, although research is still going on to know that can love and happiness always go hand in hand?

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