flowers bring happiness

Can Flowers Bring Happiness When We Feel Sad?

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flowers bring happiness
Flowers bring happiness

We can find a thousand ways to address our emotional feelings like sorrowful or dejected conditions in modern lifestyles. We can exercise or sing a song or recite a poem or watch funny things to relieve our depression or downhearted state of mind. However, some experts suggest flowers as the natural tool to relieve mental agony. However, many people are not sure about this. They frequently question whether flowers bring happiness when they remain in depression.

It is a fact that flowers are the sweetest product of nature on earth. And these natural products have a robust, invisible power to boost emotional health. Their presence always triggers happy feelings in the human mind and heart. We can feel a sense of satisfaction that ultimately brings positive impacts far beyond what is usually known and believed.

No one can deny that flowers thrust an immediate effect on positive emotional feelings. In a word, they are connected to an individual’s happiness. And, this attachment is, no doubt, prompt and remains for a more extended period. Also, this attachment relieves mental stress, reduces anxiety and depression by boosting a person’s inner positivity.

We can see people smiling after receiving a bouquet of beautiful flowers from their dear ones. It may seem like a demonstration of delight and gratitude. However, it shows that immediate impact in the true sense, which creates attachment to relieve the mental agony. That means flowers bring happiness even when we feel sad.

It is undeniable that a close relationship exists between flowers and mood. Hundreds of examples in real-life stories have already shown that agitated people feel less depressed or sad after receiving flowers. And a strong sense of contentment or happiness can be visible through their changed mood and behavior. The feeling of joy or happiness finally offers a good feel of enjoyment. In a word, flowers increase intimacy in a relationship and diminish the sad sense in affected persons.

Now, an important question is why flowers can bring happiness even in the presence of sorrowful or painful emotions. Science can give a detailed and lengthy answer to this query, but in short, we can say that flowers can establish a strong, peaceful, and unique connection between nature and humans. We may not see this with naked eyes because we reside in a fast-paced, changing environment existing around us.

We should not forget that beautiful colors are also a soothing component that pacifies our anxiety. And, when we see those colors in living entities like flowers, then our sense of enjoyment exceeds all boundaries of happiness. Some flowers even fascinate us with their scent. Those alluring sweet-smelling flowers have the power to lessen any deep-rooted agitated situation, be it physical or emotional.

There is also a seasonal factor responsible for making flowers more vigorous in bringing happiness. After the end of the hungry winter, when the branches of the trees bloom with abundance, then the entire atmosphere gets covered with an ambiance of true peace. Moreover, the blooming flowers trigger a sensation as if a whispering feeling that something remarkable is coming. Some people may not be ready to mark it as a meaningful logic behind the saying – flowers bring happiness. But, from an average point of view, we can take it as a natural cause of joy or happiness. And it could be that due to this reason, so many poets across different languages have identified the Spring season as the most charming season when the whole civilization on earth starts feeling a new lease of life mingled with absolute peace.

Flowers create communication between intention and emotion in a relationship. They help build trust in a relationship and assist an individual in connecting with that emotion, which makes him closer to those who can make him happy. There is no denying that flowers can’t be treated as a part of decoration only. It could be an identity of a true admirer who can make a person joyful enough.    

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