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Can Anyone Identify One Specific Image Of Happiness In Teenage?

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Image of happiness
Image of happiness in teenage / Photo by Vitolda Klein on Unsplash

Is there any image available to identify as the image of happiness in teenage? Can anybody remember or spot that image? Most people don’t know the answer. Even the vast majority will probably have no concrete understanding of it.

Happiness means that state of mind which brings mental pleasure with a complete feeling of satisfaction. For every individual, be it a child, a teenager, or a mature person, craving for happiness is an indispensable part of day-to-day learning. But the million-dollar question is whether one can recognize any specific image of happiness, especially in teenagers.

Teenage means an essential transitional stage in human life. It is a part of that puberty that spots the onset of legal adulthood. The significance of teenage lies with significant psychological and physical development. And teenage or adolescent years mean the opportunity to feel specific physical and mental changes with an intense craving for changed psychological expression.

Now, is it possible to locate a specific image of a person or thing or a deity statue representing the symbol of happiness or mental pleasure in teenage years, like fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, or nineteen? The answer of the vast portion of the general people is no.

The expression of happiness varies from person to person. It is unquestionably true that every teenager is different from the other. Moreover, there is no specific rule to express joy or mental satisfaction in the teenage years.

So many different aspects are present as the cause of teenage happiness. A brief discussion about those aspects may provide a clear perception of whether any particular image or images represent those aspects as the image of happiness.

Praising a teenager for good behavior or encouraging him to score good marks in school exams can boost teenage happiness. It is undoubtedly true that positive appreciation from the dear and respected ones always enhances teenagers’ joy and happiness. However, in reality, no universally fixed image can symbolize this teenage mental satisfaction.

A smile on the face is a definite indication of satisfaction and pleasure in the teenage. Parents’ special attention and affection towards their teenage offsprings bring a feeling of fulfillment among them. And, the images of smiling faces vary from person to person, but their indication is the same, i.e., happiness. Moreover, every picture of a teenage smiling face is a symbol of mental pleasure and satisfaction.

No boundaries can limit mental gratification. And, when a teenager understands that her dear ones, teachers, and parents are proud of her behavior or activities, then the said contentment increases a thousandfold. Now, can there be a particular portrayal of this teenage contentment? The truth is it is hard to describe any proud feeling and contentment in words or images. It is an inner warmth that covers the mind with delight and joy.

Self-esteem and achievement uncover the platform of mental peace and happiness. Teenagers are known for enthusiasm and mental strength. Self-esteem plays a pivotal role in accumulating mental power in teenagers, and it leads to achievements. Most importantly, the sense of accomplishment explores the inner strength of teenagers, and it helps them understand the need and purpose of that achievement. And, this whole process brings good contentment. But, again, the million-dollar question is whether any fixed image is available to symbolize the said satisfactory contentment.

Apart from the above ones, there could be many more aspects to explore the causes behind teenage happiness. And a lot of people can identify those aspects, but when the discussion is solely centered around the image of happiness, then the majority answer goes to no. In a word, it is almost impossible to recognize a specified photo or image as happiness in teenage years.      

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