Books Are Not Only The Storehouses Of Information


How one can define books? For most people, they are the storehouses of knowledge. But some people define them as storehouses of information only.

Well, defining the actual meaning of books is not an easy task.

Honestly, a book is a treasury of art. And art means a perfect combination of wisdom and intelligence.

For an author, a book unlocks a vivid picture of thoughts. But readers take it as a reflection of life. And the reflection acts as the mirror of life. Moreover, it occurs with the author’s personality.

Some books live for centuries.

The reason is they live for all ages. These books unveil vital aspects with universal appeal. However, not all books are fit to raise that appeal.

A book survives when the content crafted with universality.In some cases, a book survives with an author’s promising personality.

For instance, the novels of Charles Dickens depict that trend. His works explore a pioneering character with creativity. His words conquer all ages.

Also, poets like Browning, Keats, Shelley, Tennyson had the same feature. Their works act as a mirror of life. Every work of these people is picturesque. And it draws human life with sincerity. 

Lord Tennyson’s “Crossing the Bar” is an example of that sincerity. Through this poem, Tennyson establishes the relation between human life and its ultimate destiny.

It is undeniable that a good book unlocks an author’s genius. It shows how a person can invent something new with his mental pen. 

For a reader, books address the growth of his mind. And, he can associate himself with every aspect of human life. Also, his isolating mind can explore the meaning of survival.

Therefore, books cannot be defined as productions of unconnected thoughts. Above all, they cannot be isolated as the aggregation of information only. They trace the inevitable and unavoidable aspects of human civilization.

In conclusion, books ultimately display the meaning of life acquiring diverse expressions.

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