Shaw's Arms and the Man

Shaw’s Arms and the Man First Created My Concept Of Romance

Romance is one of the prime potent factors in human life. As a reader, I first explored this fact in me after culminating the words in Shaw’s Arms and the Man. The advent of youth unlocked new curiosities regarding human relationships in my mind. However, gathering proper answers to address the query took a lot […]

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Do not Allow Your Fatal Ego To Celebrate Your Ruination

Having a sense of self-importance is okay. But allowing it to become destructive is not desirable. Yes, permitting your fatal ego to hamper your life is not good.  We always value our self-esteem. But the moment we start believing in our own greatness, we begin to perish our potentiality of creativity. In reality, emphasizing self-worth […]

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Literature Maintains Its Compelling Aura

Literature Maintains Its Compelling Aura Even In Modern Times

Modern-day men have enough time to spend using social media platforms. They have umpteen ways to address their thrust for entertainment using tech gadgets. However, they feel less urge to read books or literary practices. But the truth is literature maintains its compelling aura even in modern times. Literature forever lives in the human mind […]

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literary terms

When Literary Terms Play A Relevant Role For You

Many people have heard the two-word term ‘literary terms.’ However, not many of them are aware of what it exactly means. Also, when it becomes necessary and plays a supportive role is a million-dollar question. Literary terms are the essential ingredients often used by writers and speakers to craft and adorn their compositions. They unlock […]

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Coleridge, The Literary Figure With Acute Revolutionary Ardour

The literary craft of Samuel Taylor Coleridge is matchless. The world usually identifies him for his vast literary association. But the English poet’s identity can’t get restricted to creative writings only. Coleridge is a known figure with a deep liking for revolutionary ardor. Like Wordsworth, Coleridge also witnessed the famous revolutionary era that first got […]

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Don’t Get Illusioned About The So-called Positivity Of Self-Criticism

From childhood, we become prone to the notion that success is unattainable without self-criticism. And no success means remaining valueless. Life begins with many practices, and one of them is self-evaluation. Yes, we learn to become habitual in self-criticism from our early years. Like many others, we, too, start learning to analyze and comment on […]

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reading stories

Does Reading Stories Develop A Fantasy Feeling In Imagination?

Studying eminent writers’ words indeed impacts readers’ power of thinking. But does it unlock a fantasy feeling in mind? Well, for many people, reading stories keeps developing the realm of imagination uniquely. Some readers pass through reverie. A few enjoy a fancy state of mind. Even some people start dreaming of specific situations. Many others […]

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Problems addressing

Address Your Problems Instead Of Escape Them

The advent of problems in human life is inevitable. They are like integral parts of your life. They come and go. So avoiding them is impossible. Better, you address them with your utmost potential instead of trying to escape them. Problems are never desirable. They obstruct the quiet easy, plain sailing life and unlock difficulties […]

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English Speaking Skills

Three Must-Follow Things To Improve English Speaking Skills

Obtaining expertise in any language is challenging, mainly when the requirements include attaining strong speaking skills. For some, it even appears enormously time-consuming. The same thing is true for the English language. Learning every essential part for English speaking skills, from pronunciation to grammatical know-how, needs adequate effort, patience, and practice. However, successfully attaining these […]

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