Charles Dickens. The Victorian Age Society Portrayer

Charles Dickens Is The Victorian Age Society Portrayer

The Victorian Age unfolds the coexistence of two characters. On the one hand, it bears the symbol of progress, prosperity, and peace. And, on the other hand, it identifies the baffling complexity of various social forces. Importantly, eminent novelist Charles Dickens’ novels depict both the features of society. In reality, he is the Victorian Age […]

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Chaucer, The Satirist And Humorous Ironist

Chaucer, The Satirist As Well As The Humorous Ironist

No one can question the artistic excellence in Chaucer’s writings. His poetry unlocks his acceptance as a matchless satirist and humorous ironist. Geoffrey Chaucer’s dramatic approach to literary art reveals his satiric technique. Even works of his contemporaries like William Langland and John Gower display enough satiric elements. But most of them get expressed mainly […]

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The expansion of the English language

Future And Expansion Of The English Language

The expansion of the English language is unquestionably vast and irresistible. The most prominent reason is the constant assimilation and harmonising of different language words. Almost every individual in the world can sense this undaunted feature of the most acceptable living language on earth. The rare quality of respecting, including, and borrowing vital resources from […]

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Does Feedback Mean Criticism Only Or A Tool Helping Attain Objective?

Every day hundreds of different opinions throng the internet regarding the need for feedback. One vital question is the actual source behind raising all these views. The question is whether feedback unlocks criticism only. Or it only aims to help in self-analysis. Every individual is running for something. And there always remains a goal of […]

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Choose Today To Start Shaping Your Goal

Don’t Make Your Waiting Unending; Choose Today To Start Shaping Your Goal

You must have the vision to attain your desired goal one day. Also, you must be waiting to start shaping your future with that vision someday. But have you ever pondered whether or not you are making the waiting unending? Make sure that you must not end up waiting forever. Or you better choose today to commence your future […]

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Focus Can Be Valuable Only When You Try To Make It

A thousand things arrive every day to grab your focus. However, not everything has the merit to deserve your attention. So many things happen daily. Some occur in front of you. And the rest gets discovered by you. Yes, in today’s tech-savvy world, nothing can remain hidden. People always have chances to become familiar with […]

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Growth of the English language

Why The Growth Of The English Language Is Overwhelming And Irresistible

The growth of the English language is the most captivating as well as overwhelming. But the question is why? To begin with, English is the most flexible and dynamic language. It is continuously living and growing from day one of its formations. According to most humans, this leading medium of conversation and writing is not […]

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Linguistic influences

Brief Note On Various Linguistic Influences Enriched The English Language

Apart from various social, political, and religious forces, different languages also influenced the English language extensively. In a word, the dominating impact of linguistic influences on the English language is undeniable.   History shows that from the beginning day of civilization till today, English people have been trying to obtain a more living and growing language […]

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