Profound Shakespearean Comprehension

Human Nature As Depicted Through Profound Shakespearean Comprehension

None can pinpoint even a tiny part of the Shakespearean creations as not praiseworthy. The profound Shakespearean comprehension of human nature remains the prime ingredient behind each successful composition. It is beyond doubt that almost every creation of this eminent playwright bears the evidence of his deep understanding of life. From a professional viewpoint, readers […]

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artistic quality in literature

The Persistent Flow Of Artistic Quality In Literature

Literary work without artistry is unthinkable because they are inseparable. Yes, the flow of artistic quality in literature is a never-ending continual process. It is an essential trait that makes the literary field appealing to the human senses. The undeniable proven truth is that art means the expression of life. It unveils the truth in […]

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Childhood memory lane

Childhood Memory Lane Always Remains As A Promising Part Of The Life Story

Childhood memory lane is an integral part of an individual’s life story. It contains stories that remain as much real even in adulthood. Childhood days are the introductory parts of shaping a man’s thinking. It remains as the beginning period when that person as a kid gets shaped by the stories that his parents tell […]

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Literature embraces universality

Literature Embraces Universality To Connote Human Interest From Broader Perspective

Literature embraces universality and remains profoundly significant consistently. It is mighty enough to supersede all the narrow interests in favor of humanity as a whole. The best part of literature is it never deals with a particular community. Every time it addresses the society of man. And this is also the reason literature that emerges […]

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Literature is not static

Literature Is Not Static But Keeps Growing And Changing From Generation To Generation

Literature is not static at all. Dynamism is its prime driving force. It keeps growing and constantly changing from generation to generation. That means every age has its specific point of interest and specified way of feeling and thinking about things. And most importantly, the literature that produces these particular heeds and emotional states is […]

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John Dryden, the author with all delicacies of English literature

John Dryden, A Man Skilled With All Delicacies of English Literature

How to define John Dryden is a million-dollar question even in modern times. The first Poet Laureate of England is perhaps the sole pioneer who possessed all delicacies of English literature. His style itself speaks about his success. Most people know Dryden as a famous English poet. However, his excellence as a translator, playwright, and […]

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Appealing Writing

Penning An Appealing Writing Successfully Looks Like Reaping Sweet Fruit After Rigorous Cultivation

For most people speaking is a much easier task compared to writing. And when it is about penning appealing writing, the entire exercise appears challenging. Because finding the right words to make a note captivating is like undertaking a job of painting a paper with Keats’ poems or Shaw’s plays. In actual fact, an individual […]

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George Bernard Shaw’s novelty

George Bernard Shaw’s Novelty Is Something Extraordinary

Measuring the richness of George Bernard Shaw as an author or as a playwright is not a child’s play. As a writer, his originality is unique and unparalleled. The works of the Irish playwright show that he is original in many ways. In short, George Bernard Shaw’s novelty is rare and something extraordinary. Shaw can’t […]

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