Habit Formation

Effective Habit Formation Enriches Mental Potentiality

Creating a list of good habits is easy. But applying them in practical life through effective habit formation doesn’t look easy for many. However, with some common everyday habits, people can efficiently complete this task and simultaneously enrich their mental potential. It is undeniable that most humans use only a fraction of their mental power. […]

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perfection auto

There Is No Perfection Auto Tool, So Ensure Personal Growth On Your Own

In the modern world, we all search for the perfection auto tool. The reason is we desire to excel in performance in everything. And why not? After all, humans are the only undefeatable living beings on earth. We can triumph over anything that we want. But, can we have a tool that can succeed in […]

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Aim For Improvement First

Aim For Improvement First, And Perfection Will Appear Consequently

You have every right to go after perfection to attain your required success. However, being perfect is not child’s play. You have to aim for improvement first, and once it gets carried out, excellence will appear on its own. From the genesis of human civilization, accomplishment has been a coveted notion that every human being […]

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your happiness

Don’t Try Making Others Responsible For Your Happiness

Being or remaining happy is perhaps the most coveted thing in human life. However, life doesn’t always gratify your craving. Sometimes it could bemuse you. As a result, your desperation may force you to make others responsible for ruining your happiness. Yes, most people usually prefer to blame others for unhappiness. No doubt, this is […]

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Literary Organizations

The Importance Of Literary Organizations 

A well-informed person may not find it difficult to answer “why literary organizations are indispensable parts of the human society.” Even less informative persons could gather information about these organizations in current times through online searching. However, this mere curious hunt couldn’t reveal the true importance of literary organizations. From the genesis of human civilization, […]

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Charles Dickens's novels

Limitations In Charles Dickens’s Novels

Criticizing an author like Charles Dickens is a daunted task. The pioneering writer’s remarkable works still carry the edge and remain as top creations of the best English novelist ever. However, fair analysis from analysts’ viewpoints suggests some limitations in Charles Dickens’s novels. According to some critics, Charles Dickens’s novels lack solid intellectual viewpoints. It […]

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Charles Dickens's Hard Times

Charles Dickens’s Hard Times: A Conflict Between Emotion And Intellect

Charles Dickens’s Hard Times is compelling evidence of social structure during the Victorian era. It demonstrates an uttermost tragic limit pervading the society to which emotion and intellect become entangled. Honestly, the famous English novel reveals a long conflicting situation that emerged during the long Christian tradition in Victorian society. It shows how miserable the […]

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Charles Dickens' Famous Works

Some All-Time Appealing Charles Dickens’ Famous Works

Studying Charles Dickens’ famous works is like living in the Victorian Era. And this appealing trait in Dickens’ creations reveals why the eminent author still holds the top spot as the most popular English novelist.  It is an undeniable reality that not many authors have the potential to survive in the contemporary era through writing. […]

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Charles Dickens Early Life

What Social Picture Did Charles Dickens Early Life Gather And Later Depicted In Writings?

Charles Dickens is a familiar name for readers passionate about reading English novels. The eminent writer is the most popular and perhaps the best English novelist. However, the journey of achieving the top spot witnessed enormous social complexities, especially during Charles Dickens early life. And the author portrayed those experiences later in his writings. The […]

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George Bernard Shaw Quotes

That George Bernard Shaw Quotes Which Nobody Can Ignore

It is nearly impossible to find an author like George Bernard Shaw. On the one hand, his unmatchable excellence in playwriting, even today, attracts modern readers. On the other hand, his role as a critic unfolds his pioneering personality. In reality, the magic of this eminent Irish writer as a minute observer of human life […]

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