Dickens and criticism

Dickens And Criticism As Portrayed In The Mirror Of Modern Critics

From the beginning of the literary era, no author escaped criticism. To date, every pioneering writer, be it a poet, a novelist, or a playwright, had to face evaluation for their works. Famous Victorian novelist Charles Dickens also met some crucial assessments from the critics in his lifetime for his creations. And the process of […]

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Feelings Need Utmost Care, Because All Wounds Are Not Visible

Feelings are precious to every individual. They show the mental health of a person. Yes, they are the best indicators of both happiness and mental pain. In a word, they are of great importance. But the crucial question is how many people take care of them. Everyone knows physical injuries are always visible. But most […]

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William Wordsworth

The Way William Wordsworth Became Acquainted With the French Revolution

Discussing a poet’s acquaintance with a revolution is a rare case, especially when the poet is William Wordsworth. People all over the world know Wordsworth as a pioneering English Romantic poet. But the timeline of his appearance as a writer made him a part of the French Revolution era. The era of the French Revolution […]

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Dickens's novels

Are Dickens’s Novels A Representation Or Depiction Of The Society?

How should one define Dickens’s novels? Do his novels act like representing the society of his time? Or, they merely depict human society as it appeared during his days. It is hard for a reader to designate Charles Dickens’s works with a specific way of expression. Searching on the internet must show many eminent literary […]

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The Unsuccessful Attempts

Don’t Label The Unsuccessful Attempts As Failure; Rather Tag It A Learning Process

Every successful innovation story has to pass through many unsuccessful attempts. What it means is reaching the door of remarkable success needs intense learning. And this learning process consists of several failed as well as successful efforts. Now, some people may mark the ineffectual approaches as ‘failure.’ But, you should know that you have successfully […]

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The artistry of Shakespeare

The Artistry Of Shakespeare That Still Remains Unrivalled

The artistry of Shakespeare is unparalleled. No one can deny its unrivalled value even after crossing so many decades. Yes, William Shakespeare is unbeaten as an artist even in the current century. It is his extraordinary instinct that gifted him with intuitive thinking. His mastery in choosing perfect words in plays and poems is indeed […]

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Listen to others

Keep Patience To Listen To Others And Avoid Misunderstanding

We have sufficient time to advise other people. But we have less time to pay attention to what they say. And it causes losing essential information. The outcome is misunderstanding and misery. That means we should listen to others patiently to avoid misreading or misinterpretation.  Almost all of us are prone to talk more. Every day we rise […]

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Linguistic Cosmopolitan

Is The Term ‘Linguistic Cosmopolitan’ Applicable To English?

An expert can define the term ‘linguistic cosmopolitan’ accurately. But from a commoner’s point of view, it means the acceptance and inclusion of various elements, mainly vocabulary, from different languages in a specific language. Now, the million-dollar question is whether the term suits the English language. The development history of English as a classic language […]

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Comedy Emerges And Survives In Intellectual Aura

Most people believe that comedy means mere humour. However, a thin but sharp line distinguishes this part of entertainment from farce, satire, and slapstick. The reality is the emergence and survival of the comic sense or essence can occur only in the intellectual aura. From the beginning of human life, comedy became an inevitable part […]

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