Struggling Means Making Progress

Struggling Means Making Progress, Not Non-Fulfilment

Reaching the target doesn’t always remain an easy task. Sometimes it embraces difficulties and thereby unlocks struggling or striving. Unfortunately, many people take it as reality and accept the term “struggle” with a negative impression. They identify it with a sense of non-fulfillment. But, in the right words, striving is the natural way to attainment […]

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Wordsworth's The Prelude

Wordsworth’s The Prelude Portrays A Poetic Mind’s Journey With Autobiographical Touch

People identify Wordsworth’s The Prelude as an autobiographical account. But critics recognize the poem as the worst autobiography. However, debate can’t undermine the value of this masterpiece. And to date, the autobiographical poem remains the vivid portrayer of the poetic mind’s journey. The famous poem, The Prelude, delicately exhibits how experience can impact the habit […]

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adieu unnecessary excess cravings

One Prime Secret Of Happiness Urges To Adieu Unnecessary Excess Cravings For Specific Results

We all run for some targeted outcomes in life with the aim of one hundred percent accomplishment. And even one percent less attainment unlocks a desperateness in us. The truth is this desperate yearning sometimes ruins the optimistic insight. In addition, it makes us unhappy. To prevent this ruination, we need to make adieu unnecessary […]

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Without Uncertainty, The Certainty Of Success Is Impossible

Uncertainty is an inescapable part of life. It is an undeniable part of everyday working. And, without it, the certainty of success remains unachievable. Every individual runs for a secure life. And this chasing happens daily. No doubt, the craving is acute for all. But very few foresee what to choose and how to proceed […]

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Reading Books

Why One Should Make Reading Books An Integral Part Of Everyday Life

Experts may define books in various ways. But for ordinary people, books are the gateway to wisdom. They unlock the door to immense knowledge and creativity. It even expands curiosity. And this curious mind inspires readers to make reading books an integral part of daily life. However, the prime question is what factors are acting […]

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Shakespearean depiction of moods and feelings

Shakespearean Depiction Of Moods And Feelings In Comedies

The driving force of a comedy play survives in its temperament and feelings. And Shakespeare is probably the sole playwright who knows how to draw them accurately while penning comedies. His mastery of characterization always delivers justice to characters and their feelings. As a result, Shakespearean depiction of moods and feelings in comedies appears unquestionably […]

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Shakespearean comedy characters

A Brief Review Of The Known And Unknown Trait Of Shakespearean Comedy Characters

The significance of comedy characters in plays is that it signifies feeding the sense of comic merriment of the readers and the audience. Most popular comedies of the world at least suggest this fact. However, when creations receive the engraving of Shakespeare’s mastery, the review finds a matchless entity of characterization. Yes, the trait of […]

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Replacing An Established Post-graduation Career

Replacing An Established Post-graduation Career With New Study For Better Opportunity Needs Robust Mental Preparation

A good job just after graduation is a dream of every young mind. Very few could achieve that point of success. But replacing an established post-graduation career with a new study for a better purpose is almost unimaginable. However, some people choose to do that. Although departing from a financially sound career is not easy. […]

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