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An Active Learner Only Can Become A Real Artist In Life

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Active learner
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One of the prime driving forces of survival is learning. That means every human being is a learner by birth. However, it never signifies that everyone is an inborn active learner. But at the same time, it is also true that the one who possesses this ever-agile quality can only emerge as a true artist in life. 

Yes, the process of acquiring knowledge is normal. But, remaining an ever-lively and energetic knowledge grabber is a bit difficult. And this indicates that procuring the potential or artistry of cherishing every element of life by paving the path of effective dynamic learning is not easy.

The first requirement of learning anything with deep profundity is true dedication. Yes, a robust commitment makes a person mentally committed to obtaining necessary and valuable information as much as possible. Now, this process of acquiring knowledge, though, sometimes puts that individual into uneasy feelings.

However, the best part of passing through this uncomfortable inkling with a dedicated mind is that it secures the ability to reach the highest competency. A famous proverb, “smooth seas do not make skillful sailors,” signifies this truth accurately. And the outcome after making an inroad through this not-so-easy path to proficiency is the achievement of potentiality to know and shape a meaningful destiny. In a word, an agile or active learner learns to emerge as an absolute perfectionist in life with an artistic touch of his achieved knowledge.

Every human being on earth remains a student till the date of demise. It is undeniable that every step of life’s journey provides something vital that is essential and significant for survival. And being a student in the school of life journey, every individual tries to grab it.

Nevertheless, sometimes people overlook some essential parts. And missing even a single part unlocks the door of ignorance. The reason is every ingredient of the life journey teaches something valuable. In addition, it doesn’t allow a human being to create a boundary or limit his scope of earning information. Simultaneously it teaches the truth that the purpose of obtaining details appears fulfilled only when its meaningful implementation is possible. That means remaining a student by grasping information is easy. But extracting mastery from that learning needs actual effort.

In a word, the purpose of acquisition of knowledge can’t be limited to filling the cup of experience only. It means lighting the fire of urge to master the art of shaping or molding life with its best potential from that experience. That means becoming an apprentice is good but not meaningful enough, and emerging as an active learner only completes the meaning of life.

Yes, deep desire is necessary to become a noteworthy creator in life from purposefully accumulated wisdom. In short, a study without a profound understanding and aim retains nothing because it results in nothing relevant. However, some people opine that becoming an active learner is not always possible due to hardships in life. Nonetheless, they should estimate the cost of ignorance in life.

As already said, being a living entity, learning is natural. But becoming an active learner costs nothing. It only needs a soulful desire and commitment to know what is essential and significant. Because then only life gets the touch of artistry.       

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