Aching of repentance

Aching Of Repentance May Arrive But Shouldn’t Find A Permanent Habitat In Mind

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Aching of repentance
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We are too busy to analyze the causes of remorse or mental pain in others’ lives. Also, we have enough time to advise them about the best meaningful ways to heal that suffering. But, how much time we have so far invested in addressing the aching of repentance lurking in our own hearts. Or what initiatives we have so far taken not to let it throw permanent impacts in our lives.

It is, no doubt, an unfeasible task to find out a human on earth never experienced the agony of repentance at least once. Every one of us is aware that life is full of both easy-going as well as complexities. And there is no way we can escape either of them.

With regular activities, on the one hand, we get the chance to enjoy the serenity of living. Simultaneously, on the other hand, we get no choice but to face the complexities, waiting to embrace us.

There are two modes of difficulties or sufferings present in human life. One is physical suffering, and the other one is mental agony. Moreover, there could be several reasons behind the said mental affliction. Regret or repentance is one crucial cause behind that aching.     

Some of us put the courage to beat the suffering. And never let the affliction finds a permanent shelter in mind. On the contrary, some people try to eliminate them but fail. As a result, they have to bear its ever-lasting impacts.

 For some reason, the aching of repentance may become inevitable or inescapable but can’t remain as a lifelong partner unless we make them. Now there could be a thousand reasons responsible for this guilt feeling. One of the most common causes behind it is failing to achieve the goal even after getting the chance of attainment.

A student can be the victim of remorse for not securing good marks in the exam. Office staff can regret not completing the task given to him. The journey of feeling repentant is very much visible among many people during the new year’s arrival.

A big chunk of them regrets lacking the patience and spirit to stick with the dream vision and get them fulfilled in the last year. Some also think they may no more get that enough chance like that in the previous year to fulfill their dreams, so they start lamenting. And the truth is repentance unlocks a much larger price to pay than other mental sufferings.  

No one can deny that a life with no lamentation is the sweetest part of life. For sure, there might remain some unfinished works that sting us when we see the past. But bearing that soreness forever in mind is not a solution. Furthermore, at one point, it will appear almost unbearable. Yes, the anguish will emerge too heavy as if harbouring perpetually on the shore of destiny. 

One important thing is we can heal our physical suffering through strict regulation and practice. Even constant exercising can make our health sound and robust, and the progression is aptly visible. On the contrary, no specific rule can help overcome the aching of repentance. Some regular habits can enhance the chances of recovery but can’t solidify the cure. We should know that things look easy externally may not always remain as easy as pie when applied.

Acquiring a positive attitude is the main criteria to mend the panic of remorse. Once the fear gets overcome, there must be minimal scope for repentance to foster its branches in thoughts and mind. And due to this, a temporary psychological effect can exist only when lamentation possesses the thinking but can’t last long.

Any psychological impact like the aching of repentance always hampers mental stamina. It increases confusion and decreases the nerve strength needed to accomplish a mission and overcome the scope of regret. We must understand that a confusing mind becomes destined for frustration, blunder, and defeat.

Therefore, if we always think of ourselves as incapable of defeating failure, we can never achieve success in the future. There is a proven truth that potency must have some limits. But humans can conquer that limitation and learn to excel in strength. In a word, we have the potential to turn remorse into achievement and never give the impediment chance to snatch away the trophy of victory.

In addition, a constant urge for victory always acts as the ultimate driving force to finish the unfinished business. A persistent effort is the outcome of that urge that breaks the shackles of limitation and proceeds with infinite energy and enthusiasm to accomplish the aim. In short, regret may arrive but never gets the scope to find an ever-lasting shield for securing a habitat in human life.        

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