A genuine purpose to survive

A Genuine Purpose To Survive Can Overcome Even The Unbearable Sufferings

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A genuine purpose to survive
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Survival is destiny only for the fittest. And who is the fittest? The one who can find a genuine purpose to survive. Yes, a person who has the answer to ‘why’ can live even after facing indescribable odds in life.

Everyone on this earth struggles for existence. But, those humans can succeed who can make ‘why’ as the driving force to face every intolerable suffering with a matchless tolerance. There is no denying that every individual faces a tough time in life. And, it depends upon that person to decide whether to fight back or resign. It is solely a personal decision for the affected folk to determine which way to interpret the entire thing.

It is an undeniable truth that surviving is a consequence of two aspects – suffering and contentment. In reality, difficulties or pain is an inseparable part of human life. And finding the cause behind it is another part of survival. Yes, the absolute urge to search for solutions to pains can only bring success in the end. And success means satisfaction or contentment.

Now, the million-dollar question is how many are ready to be patient and tolerant enough to face odds and search for a solution. Obstacles are inevitable. They make people suffer. But at the same time, they teach people to find the actual meaning of surviving. An affected man will be ready to face defeat or suffer every loss without quitting when he knows why his life is important to him. His optimistic view remains as the lifeblood to create a purpose to live all the time. It always unfolds the desire to overcome the tough time.

However, addressing a challenge sometimes doesn’t go smoothly. The affected people face the challenge of changing themselves as per requirement when they fail to change the problematic emerging situation. And, here lies a bitter truth. Not everyone feels the urge to change himself as some brace defeat. They fail to understand the value of life. But, a majority of the affected humans possess the courage to fight back. Sometimes the situation hit them so hard that they can’t achieve victory. Yet, they don’t give up or quit.

They make some changes in their mode of struggle and attitude and come back with more potential to address and overcome the obstacles. These people are ready to face a hundred defeats but don’t quit as they know human life is precious. They possess the attitude to survive because they are mentally stubborn enough to taste the satisfaction of success anyway. They own nature to choose a more solid attitude under any given circumstances and explore the actual meaning of surviving.

In true words, fighting odd circumstances is not always a cakewalk. It needs tolerance. Also, suffering unfolds one big reality. It uncovers why humans are the most valuable creation of the universe and why human life is relevant. And so, assuming the emptiness of life whenever facing an uneasy situation is no good at all. As already said, life is precious, and it should be the sole purpose of survival. Every individual needs to understand that human life is a gift of the all-powerful creative nature on this earth. So resigning to embrace the unsettled fate or acquitting with pessimism means rejecting the moral and relevance of living which also indicates the rejection of a genuine purpose to survive.

It is a proven fact that a person who finds a purpose in life possesses the courage to overcome any barrier standing in their way. Moreover, if a man realizes the importance of living and sets a positive aim in life, he can suffer through all pains without losing heart. One important thing is behind every positive objective, one common question lurks, i.e., why to achieve it. And this question ultimately brings an urge, which turns into a genuine purpose to survive.     

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