A Few Sentences About The Things That Make You Happy

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being happy or bringing happiness
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What things make you happy? It is one of the most common questions that people usually ask.

It is undeniable that every human on earth is searching for happiness. And, it is also true that no hard and fast rule can make a human happy. Frankly speaking, there are various factors responsible for happiness in different ways among different individuals.

For the parents, their babies’ smiles are the most precious thing that makes them happy. Also, for a baby, the love from his or her parent is the best key to happiness. It means being happy is regarded as the aftermath of mental satisfaction or pleasure, but there could be several reasons to bring that pleasure.

The social relationship is one important factor and one of the vital requirements that can make people happy. A well-built social relationship always appears as a tool to acquire mental pleasure.

However, it is also true that establishing a good social network doesn’t always guarantee in bringing happiness, but it is, for sure, must be an inevitable requirement to achieve that.

Now, before moving to the question “what things make you happy?”, it is necessary to have a few sentences on some basic aspects regarding the said state of mind, i.e., being happy or cherishing happiness.

Every person has a set of temperament or nature. Some are very talkative, and some others prefer to remain calm. Some people always search for the reasons for being happy, while others toil hard to know what things can make them happy. And, as already said that no specific rule is there to achieve that. It is ultimately the experiences in life that set the point of happiness.

Every individual has to face ups and downs in life. Most of the time, people adapt to the best effective solutions and try to return to a viable set point. However, unbearable bitter experiences, for sure, create difficulties for the affected people to get fully adapted to preferable solutions. The entire process of achieving satisfactory adaptation may sometime take months, years or even lifetime.

Now, come to the real question -what things make you happy?

A good relationship always makes an individual happy, and it doesn’t matter whether it is a social or personal relationship. Every human on earth must have some dear ones. They could be relatives, friends, or some others.  

Ups and downs are inevitable parts of life, and these make individuals more eager to find out effective ways for the pursuit of happiness. A good relationship can play vital roles in this regard. People can share their problems with their dear ones, including relatives, friends, and others.

In addition to this, social sharing, if possible, also plays roles in healing mental agony. It even creates a way to gather encouragement from others to face the upcoming hurdles. In a nutshell, a good and trustworthy relationship can be an effective purpose server to make one happy.

Let’s move to another vital factor or thing in pursuit of happiness. And, the second factor is the hobby.

Well, it is hard to find out an individual who doesn’t acquire a special liking to a specific thing or activity.

Different people have different likings. Some find pleasure in reading books.

Some others prefer gossiping or gardening or listening to music as the best way to cherish mental pleasure. Some even like gardening or spending time on a sea beach.

Well, a few modern people may also point out the use of the smartphone as a part of the hobby. However, the use of electronic gadgets nowadays appears more beneficial to perform activities and not a part of the favorable hobby.

Now, the real thing is a hobby most of the time act as an inevitable part to soothe a disturbed mind. It provides fresh oxygen to a suffocated mental state. In a word, a hobby, for some, is an essential part of being happy.

Can money bring happiness?

Theoretically, no and most people also opine that “money can’t buy happiness”. However, the truth is money or wealth is somehow correlated with happiness. And, it is unquestionably true in societies involving mostly poor people. But, there is a second theory regarding this fact.

Earning the first few dollars can help one to overcome poverty and thus delivers much more than happiness. But, that is not true for a rich man who only chases for millions and millions of dollars to increase his wealth. For a billionaire earning millions of dollars is only a way to reduce the thirst or hunger for more money.

Moreover, when people are asked whether money is more vital than love. Almost everyone will answer love is more important. Because a person first needs mental pleasure and satisfaction for being happy.

Money or wealth can be a piece to bring mental peace only when it acts to overcome difficulties in life. But when money becomes a tool to satisfy the hunger for wealth, then it can’t serve the purpose of happiness.

It is a common trend for a human being to toil hard in pursuit of happiness. And the above three things are the ultimate factors that can make a person happy.

One should understand that happiness is not a material thing that is neither hard to achieve nor easily accessible. It is the feeling of mental satisfaction that an individual can acquire with different means. Now, it is not essential to do extensive research on which way is best to achieve that satisfaction.The only important thing is whether the accessible or chosen way can make the man happy. And if the answer is “yes”, then that is the right way.

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