Image of happiness

Can Anyone Identify One Specific Image Of Happiness In Teenage?

Is there any image available to identify as the image of happiness in teenage? Can anybody remember or spot that image? Most people don’t know the answer. Even the vast majority will probably have no concrete understanding of it. Happiness means that state of mind which brings mental pleasure with a complete feeling of satisfaction. […]

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What role does the supernatural play in shaping romantic literature?

Romantic literature is a popular term among the readers. There is no denying that understanding romanticism in literature always helps to know literature with a more accurate inner perspective. However, this kind of specific literary movement contains particular rhetoric that includes the author’s supernatural aspect usage. Literary history all over the world has fascinating antiquity […]

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human life is like tram-cars

Human Life Is Like Tram-Cars As Described in Maugham’s Lotus Eater

Somerset Maugham’s The Lotus Eater is one of the impeccable short stories uncovering the actual routine-based human life on earth. It says human life is like tram-cars. Yes, the opening paragraph of the short story The Lotus Eater begins with an appealing introduction. It depicts the inner reality of the so-called diverting human life. There is […]

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Somerset Maugham, A Genius of Present Century English Literature

The discussion about present century English literature remains incomplete without Somerset Maugham. As an eminent short-story writer, novelist, and playwright, Maugham always appeared as an indisputable genius. His words exhibit his inexhaustible creativity. His creative urge with brilliancy can be visible in story contents and writing styles. The famous short story The Lotus Eater is […]

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