great personalities write books on themselves

Why Should Great Personalities Write Books on Themselves?

We are very much familiar with reading autobiographies of great personalities. But how many times we feel the urge to know why should great personalities write books on themselves? There could indeed be a thousand benefits of writing an autobiography. But the million-dollar question is why a great person must pen books on himself. To […]

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one God to transform life to happiness and success

One God to Transform Life to Happiness and Success

Name one God to transform life to happiness and success. Well, it must be the most challenging question to answer. Every human on earth is struggling hard in search of happiness and success. However, finding these two precious things is the most challenging task in human life. And, naming one God that can transform your life to […]

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children's literature

Children’s Literature in The Form of Book is The Need of the Hour

Does children’s literature in the form of books is the need of the hour, mainly when electronic gadgets are constantly engulfing the world of childhood? Because for so many years, it plays a vital role in molding childhood perfectly.   There is no denying that childhood means the co-existence of curiosity and queries. And, Children’s literature […]

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grey literature

Does Modern Literature Include Grey Literature To Some Extent?

Discussion about grey literature is not new. However, numerous questions may arise if the discussion includes a relation between modern literature and grey literature. Literature means an artistic expression of thoughts filled with feelings and imagination. Modern literature implies expanding traditional thoughts and the inclusion of a new dimension of reality, imagination, and feelings. On […]

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love and happiness

Can love and happiness always go hand in hand?

Most people usually possess a common concept that love and happiness always breathe together. For them, love means nothing but happiness. However, it is hard for them to provide any specific theory behind this concept. The absence of any concrete clue raises the question that can love and happiness always appear conjointly? There is no […]

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