Monday, September 04, 2023


Shakespeare’s Vivid Characterization

Shakespeare’s Vivid Characterization Is An Example Of Rare Yet Captivating Craftmanship

Studying Shakespearean plays means exploring the playwright’s matchless craftsmanship in character portrayal. Yes, Shakespeare’s vivid characterization to date successfully retains its unrivaled excellence of dramatic artistry. Undoubtedly, possessing the skill of producing lifelike portraiture through words is a rare trait. And William Shakespeare is perhaps the most outstanding pioneer in this field. The famous playwright […]

Shakespearean Humour

Shakespearean Humor As Depicted Through Shakespeare’s Comedy Characters

To date, William Shakespeare is perhaps the finest writer, whose dramatic figures still attract readers with matchless Shakespearean humor. Also, he is the most excellent observer and portrayer of human nature. That is true. Besides being an author, Shakespeare was also an acute onlooker of human behavior. His exceptional realization power of human nature was […]


Literature Maintains Its Compelling Aura

Literature Maintains Its Compelling Aura Even In Modern Times

Modern-day men have enough time to spend using social media platforms. They have umpteen ways to address their thrust for entertainment using tech gadgets. However, they feel less urge to read books or literary practices. But the truth is literature maintains its compelling aura even in modern times. Literature forever lives in the human mind […]

literary terms

When Literary Terms Play A Relevant Role For You

Many people have heard the two-word term ‘literary terms.’ However, not many of them are aware of what it exactly means. Also, when it becomes necessary and plays a supportive role is a million-dollar question. Literary terms are the essential ingredients often used by writers and speakers to craft and adorn their compositions. They unlock […]