Thursday, September 23, 2021


Joseph Conrad-The Lagoon

Joseph Conrad’s The Lagoon Is A Specimen Of Moral Dilemma

Joseph Conrad’s The Lagoon is perhaps one of those rare literary pieces that acutely draw frustration of human aspirations. A story in the Malayan setting shows an unbearable aspect of human tragedy. Yes, The Lagoon is a tale of a courageous man, Arsat, who only wished to live a bold and peaceful life, devoid of […]

Donna Lucia

Donna Lucia, An Apt Character In Maugham’s Lotus Eater

William Somerset Maugham’s genius as a story writer is indisputable. His words display his inexhaustible innovative urge. The invention of Donna Lucia in The Lotus Eater is an ideal example of that creative urge. It is undeniable that Maugham is famous for his appealing literary form. His unique way of dealing with the human affair […]