Saturday, August 13, 2022


Poetic Craft Of Rupert Brooke

The Poetic Craft Of Rupert Brooke

The significance of the First World War can’t get limited to only the archive of the world’s power balance in history books. It possesses a literary relevance too. In truth, it remained a powerful platform in bringing many war poets and their poetic expertise to public notice. The visible poetic craft of Rupert Brooke manifests […]

Wordsworth's The Prelude

Wordsworth’s The Prelude Portrays A Poetic Mind’s Journey With Autobiographical Touch

People identify Wordsworth’s The Prelude as an autobiographical account. But critics recognize the poem as the worst autobiography. However, debate can’t undermine the value of this masterpiece. And to date, the autobiographical poem remains the vivid portrayer of the poetic mind’s journey. The famous poem, The Prelude, delicately exhibits how experience can impact the habit […]