Saturday, July 31, 2021


metaphysical humorist

Who Should Be Called A Metaphysical Humorist?

Can anyone define a metaphysical humorist? Humour and humourist are two common words in literature. Even the word metaphysical is a known word. But how can one interpret a term that includes two words ‘metaphysical’ and ‘humorist’? In simple language, humor means the manifestation of laughter. And a humorist is a person who is an […]

contrast between a tragic and a picaresque hero

Define A Contrast Between A Tragic and A picaresque Hero

How many readers of the modern era are familiar with the term ‘picaresque hero’? The answer must be very few. However, nearly all readers have heard about a tragic hero. Even a big chunk of them can identify the key features that shape a tragic protagonist. But very few people know about picaresque heroes. So […]